Cool Anime Dolls!


Click an anime doll below. Just download the included program for tons of cool anime dolls and a virtual chat world to talk to friends with. You get to customize your own doll and chose from tons of different clothing items and accessories. Check it out!!


Dolls, aka Dollz, refers to virtual figures which you can create on your computer. Sometimes they are also known as avatars if you use a virtual communities such as Gaia Online, Second Life, or Zwinktopia. There are also different types of dolls. There is the classic "pixel dolls" which is created by artists who draw it one pixel at a time. This gives the doll a very cool and clean look. There are also tradtional dolls that are a lot like paper dolls. One example would be from (find out more in our awesome doll links.)

Some people use their dolls just for fun or boredom. Others, especially the pixel artists, use other existing dolls and draw their own accessories on to them -- shoes, shirts, pants, jewelry, and more. The next been thing now is the avatar doll. Everyone is joining sites were they can meet their friends in virtual reality and talk to them.

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