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Here are links to other cool doll web sites that we have found. They are sorted from the sites we think are best to the ones that are just ok but not so cool.

5 Stars! Zwinky has thousands of awesome pixel dolls for you to dress up! They have anime dollz, minis, and even a virtual chat world place you can use for free.

3 Stars
DressupGames DressupGames has lots and lots of links to hundreds of other dollz sites. Check them out!

3 Stars
StarDoll Cool Dolls of all of your favorite actresses, actors, singers, and celebrities.

2 Stars
eLouai They have a bunch of free dollmakers for anime avatars, maple story, and gaia online.

2 Stars
Gaia Online Very popular anime community with millions of members. You create your own anime avatar and can buy cool stuff like your own house.

1 Star
TheDollPalace The Doll Palace has links to lots of free downloadable dolls. These use the old avatar from The Palace online chat.

(preview from our free Dollmaker, coming soon)

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